About Us: Riverside Cigar Bar is Now the Catelli Cigar Lounge at 3001 Aviation Boulevard

RCB has moved to a larger location for your comfort--offering both a smoking and non-smoking venue. The new location has taken on a new name: the Catelli Cigar Lounge which features 20 foot ceilings and 15 tons of A/C to keep the air fresh. On the other side of the glass-paneled wall, the Backbeat Music Parlor offers live music in a beautiful, smoke-free setting. Come visit often!


The best premium cigars in Vero Beach fill the cabinets in our selectively stocked humidors. Whether a cigar aficionado or a new smoker, RCB's Catelli Cigar Lounge continually offers a wide selection of name brand and boutique cigars to please every palate.  


On the smoking side, find your favorite seat at the bar to watch the game, enjoy a cigar, a craft beer, or glass of wine with friends. We also brew freshly ground Catelli Coffee and Espresso. If you prefer to stretch your legs, join the on-going conversations in the "pit", or ignore everyone, listen to the music, and enjoy your cigar! On the non-smoking side, join the fun at the copper-top bar, or rest assured, every seat is perfect for enjoying the music.


Riverside Cigar Bar is home to Vero Beach's only Catelli Cigar Lounge--a great destination for an evening out, as ladies enjoy our atmosphere as well. To accommodate our non-smoking friends, proprietors Michael and Kathy have created the Backbeat Music Parlor, a non-smoking, live-music room with its own bar and classic seating, just a few steps from the Catelli Cigar Lounge, where you can enjoy the music as well. If your dancing shoes are in tune, feel free to dance to your heart's content.


Every cigar smoker knows that cigar bars are the best venue to meet cool and interesting people--and Vero Beach is home to some of the finest people you'll meet. Bring a friend, or come over and meet new ones. We're open seven days until midnight every evening, Sundays 'til 6 pm. But, we don't always close at midnight, if the party is still going. Call to see if we're still open. Our friends are important to us!